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PVC Coated Square Fence Post

Product Description

Fence post
With fastening plate attachment, for fixing of double-bar grating panels

Mounted trestles and attached plastic caps, stainless steel clamping plates, cover discs, and pan-head screw with 5.5 mm security hexagon sockets included.

60x40mm x 1000mm - for panel of height 630mm
60x40mm x 1200mm - for panel of height 830mm
60x40mm x 1500mm - for panel of height 1030mm
60x40mm x 1750mm - for panel of height 1230mm
60x40mm x 2000mm - for panel of height 1430mm
60x40mm x 2250mm - for panel of height 1630mm
60x40mm x 2400mm - for panel of height 1830mm
60x40mm x 2600mm - for panel of height 2030mm
60x40mm x 2800mm - for panel of height 2230mm
60x40mm x 3000mm - for panel of height 2430mm
Express Highway Used Galvanized Steel Fence Post: 
Fencing post uses: 
1. We produce fence post for protective wire mesh fencings of express highway and express railway; 
2. Wire mesh fence posts for security fencings of beach farming, fish farming and salt farm; 
3. Wire mesh fence posts for security of forestry and forestry source protection; 
4. Fencing posts for isolation and protecting husbandry and water sources; 
5. Fencing posts for gardens, road and houses.  
 Fencing Posts Benefits: 
1. This kind of fence post enjoys an improved rate of 30% in its mechanical property and physical propery compared with common steel posts with same section size; 
2. Our fence posts have nice appearance. Easily used, with a low cost; 
3. Our fence posts can be recovered after years, meet the requirement of national environmental protection, is a kind of environmental friendly product; 
4. Our fence posts enjoy good theft-proof function with its unique use only as fencing posts. 
5. Our fence posts are substitute products of the current common steel posts, concrete posts or bamboo posts.
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Add:No.91 Guang'an Street,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China
Tel:+86 311-86661058
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